Beatles Holiday Giveaway


For the holidays, I have decided to do a  giveaway:3 Due to the well knowledge of family and friends of mine, as well as by my own accord, I have collected a pleasing stash of Beatles memorabilia, and quite a lot of doubles and extras as well, some which are pictured above to be given away to one lucky Beatlemaniac!

The items are….

  • John by Cynthia Lennon. Mint with no scratches. One of my favourite books really.
  • The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band CD. New and remastered. Beautiful condition with photos and a video.
  • The Beatles with Tony Sheridan First Recordings – 50th Anniversary Edition CD. Mint condition with booklet inside and 2 CDs; one mono and one stereo version for the songs included. 
  • The Beatles’ The Beatles (White Album) LP. Original Pressing. Has the serial/number code printed on, title embossed rather than printed, like all original pressings (that’s why it’s barely visible). This record is quite a hassle to find, especially if it includes the poster and original photo portraits inside. The previous owner wrote ‘Rick’ with blue marker on the cover and it has grown dirty in the forming of the vinyl inside by previous owner(s), but at it’s age, it’s rather rare for a record sleeve not to have such. Honestly, it was worth it based on the vinyl quality and extras. Minor scratches on the vinyl, but still plays and gives that perfect raw, old sound.
  • Wings’ Band on the Run LP. Near mint condition. Includes the Wings poster inside (it’s very thin and frail so I beg you to handle it carefully). Vinyl plays beautifully and the cover has barely any visible scratches.
  • Treasure of the Beatles by Terry Burrows. New, no scratches. Has replicated posters inside which is always mad swell.
  • Paul McCartney’s official Out There tour book. Mint, no scratches. Some images are in 3D (includes glasses). Has interviews, tour dates, amazing photographs, etc, etc. The last photo on the left is a spread in the book; last photo on the right is the cover.

Sorry for the crappy photo quality, I took them with my laptop camera in a hurry. And also pardon my cat who wouldnt leave from the photo.

The winner, determined by a random draw using computer software, will be notified via their askbox. I ship worldwide and it’s free shipping:)

So, in order to win this little giveaway, one must only follow a few certain rules:

  1. Likes don’t count, only reblogs. Every reblog will count as 1 entry to your name, you can reblog as many times as you wish.
  2. Since I’m taking the time to do this, and the shipment is free as well, then I guess it’d be the least you can do to follow my main and my Beatles blog. I will check to see if you have followed both before I even cast your entry, so no cheating. Also, if you’re only going to follow me for the giveaway, don’t. Honestly, it’s quite foul to unfollow right after.
  3. If you check out my other side blogs (dearsixsmith and madempath),you will automatically gain 5 extra entries for following one of them, and 20 if you follow both.
  4. The winner will be notified via askbox, so please, have your askbox open. If after 24 hours of announcing the winner, they still do not have it activated, they will be disqualified and the next person picked in a backup draw will claim the prize.
  5. If you win the giveaway, please, take very good care of the items. I treasured them so and they deserve a good home (ignore my cheesiness).
  6. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message

That’s it:3

Giveaway ends February 1st, 2014 at 10:00PM EST Time.

Winner will be announced sometime the next day (February 2, 2014).

Happy Holidays!:3